Endi Poskovic

Endi Poskovictumblr_nrejkkkdIh1rym4zto4_400Test Stone with a Rock III study (Distant View after H. Seghers)
Single colour lithograph
76 x 114cm
Edition size: 35tumblr_npuhg5rJZ21rym4zto2_500Test Stone with Dome II study (after H. Seghers)
Two colour lithograph
Edition size: 35tumblr_nqsmrfqZj51rym4zto1_400 Ganzeberg (One)
Single colour lithograph
63.5 cm x 91.5cm
Edition size: 25tumblr_nqxas62LdA1rym4zto1_400Langeberg (skrovišta)
Single colour lithograph
58.5 cm x 92 cm
Edition size: 25 tumblr_neoghyJ3bb1rym4zto1_400Hälfteberg
2 colour lithograph
Edition size: 25tumblr_nljr0oBcyC1rym4zto2_500Zachlumia
Single colour lithograph
64 x 94 cm
Edition size: 25


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