Some leather treats

The shoes were purchased in a distinct bout of retail therapy much required the week before the announcement was made about the second year Apprentice Printer position. I was weak and simply couldn’t resist.


The leather roller was purchased in celebration a week after I received the news that I had been offered  the Apprentice Printer position.


I broke the shoes in over the past two weekends. I will break the roller  in starting this Monday and it should serve me well during my year of printing here at Tamarind (because of course I said yes).

I feel quite spoiled but luck must be on my side right now as I stumbled upon a stray $20 outside the store yesterday. I’ll take it as a sign. A girl’s got to treat herself  every once in a while….

(and yes Daryl, I kept the boxes!)


4 thoughts on “Some leather treats

  1. Carbert/Lander

    Hi Jill, Sorry for the delayed reply, but CONGRATULATIONS on the position!! What a coup and clearly they picked the right person! I know you have been working really hard and this will open up so many doors for you. Way to go and enjoy this amazing opportunity, Janice

    By the way, I bought a roller many, many years ago and still have the box…


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