the big news…

I did not sleep well on Thursday night, I couldn’t fall asleep until after 2 am and couldn’t seem to stay asleep. I was up around 7 am and in to the studio for 8:30 am to sponge for one of my classmates. We had been told we would get the news of who was selected for the second year of the program at noon, in the form of a letter. It was a bit tense in the studio and had been for several days. It was good to be occupied and focussed. Noon came all too quickly and I had a strong urge to leave without finding out my fate. It’s been difficult to think of my time here at Tamarind ending so soon.

We made our way to our work tables. Marjorie and Rodney said a few words before the envelopes were handed out. Wasn’t sure I read it right but mine contained an apprenticeship offer…


I did it! I was the one selected for the second year of the program and will receive certification as a Tamarind Master Printer. Unbelievable. It could have been any of the eight of us. I’m still a little stunned.

Sorry, but I won’t be coming home for a while….


36 thoughts on “the big news…

  1. Jenn Law

    Congratulations Jill! I am thrilled for you (and not at all surprised)! It is so well deserved! I hope you are celebrating with a huge bottle of chapagne this weekend!

      1. jillgrahamink Post author

        New we were if like mind! Wore my shoes, did a little dance… life is good! Going to post photos as I’ve bought another, more prized piece of leather for a lithographer, in celebration as well.

  2. Liz Menard

    Congratulations, Jill! Unbelievable? No! It’s totally believable! You’ve worked very hard for this! You’ve earned it and you deserve it! I’m so excited for you! Bravo!

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Thanks Liz. It’s definitely exciting news and I feel absolutely (unbelievably) very fortunate. It really has been terrific being in the program at all and I’m happy I get to continue on. It’s been quite an experience!

  3. ghammer

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had such a strong feeling that you would get it…so happy for you! You deserve it Jill!!!!


  4. Jennie Suddick

    Way to go Jill! They way they told you sounds like the end of a reality competition show! YOU WON! The home viewers all knew it…

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Hey Jennie! Thanks for being in touch. Yes, I’ve said all along the experience resembles that Big Brother show for lithographers… minus the confession room. Send me some news of you. All the best, Jill

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Thanks Sandi! It’s the sleeping I’m most concerned about right now. I’ve got lots to catch up on. Worn out. Working hard at this job will be a treat!

  5. Astrid

    I know I’ve said my congratulations but I wanted to be on your record. Congrats! Told ya they would be crazy not to choose you. So they’re not. I hope you’re celebrating with booze and lots of pilates stretches : -D

  6. Ann Unger

    Hi Jill, CONGRATULATIONS! Your dream comes true through all your hard work. I’m really happy for you and sending a strong hug of support.

  7. RSG

    Wow…really pleased for you Jill. Knew you had the “right stuff”. Going to miss some challenging Pilates you brought to us but would rather you follow your dream. Hey when you get back we’ll still be here….

    Rachel, Scott and Gail….

  8. sara

    I’ll say it again (and again and again): I’m so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew you could do it. xoxo s

  9. Victoria Cowan

    Oh Jill what a joy to hear that Tamarind knows what we’ve all known for ages—just how good you are, how focussed & bright and dedicated and . . .we’ll keep missing you. Big hug and happy dance of celebration.

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      I’ve been doing a happy dance of my own lately! Appreciate you’ve joined in Victoria. Definitely my dream come true. Can’t wait to share with you all here. Hugs back at you, Jill

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Merci Nadine! It’s going to be an amazing year. You were right, I really love NM! Like no where else. Now what about that road trip to come and see me?

  10. Heather Webb

    Congrats JIll! Very happy your dream has come true. I know you have worked hard for it and deserve it.


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