Tamarind Institute: where did week 9 and 10 go? and the rest??

I am afraid I am not doing very well at keeping up with posts week to week. Somehow I wrote this entry  weeks back and never managed to post it! Oh well. It’s been busy here in  litho land….

After my visit to the University of Michigan (October 8-12) I got rather bogged down with work. We had begun our collaborative print projects just before I left town. I was the artist for a classmate (Kate) and she was my printer, while another classmate was the artist for me (David) and I was his printer. I managed to finish my drawing for my printer but had work to do meeting with my artist, processing his image and printing the edition upon my return to Albuquerque. Things went very well with the edition I printed. Unfortunately there were some challenges with my own image and much of it was altered in etching. It was fun to draw but hard not to get caught up in the art side of the project. Time is always at a premium so really all we need is to make some marks to have something to print, but the artist ego seems to inevitably take over.

We quickly moved from the collaborative project to working with toner. I can’t believe I haven’t experimented with toner washes before, they’re fantastic! They are really easy to work with and transfer well to ball grained plates. We worked with photocopy transfers as well and finally delved into multilayer printing in colour.

Rodney Hammond’s toner transfer demo image. The unicorn obsession lives!

Our instructor had ulterior motives getting us started in colour with the toner transfer project as we translated what we learned into another collaborative project combining three runs, one on plate and the other on stone, all sitting over the first run (or layer) printed as a full 22″ x 30″ sheet size. The first run was a rainbow roll in a minimum of 5 colours, in an edition of 12/12, with 3 trial proofs… that show a colour change for each run.

5 colour rainbow roll, 22″ x 30″ (55.88 x 76.2)

For those of you who couldn’t follow all that, let’s just say it was hard work! I had major anxiety tackling this edition. It seemed insurmountable to me, definitely way out of my comfort zone. It feels amazing getting through a challenge like that. I wasn’t sure the edition would be a success but I managed to pull it all off and got some very good feedback from Rodney.

Outside of the studio I am sad to report I did not get to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta as I had hoped. My return flight was delayed and I missed my chance since everything begins by about 5:30am and ends by about 7:30-8am. I am please to share some photos with you regardless. Credit goes to Adrian Kellet and Jade Mahoney, my Australian friends, who are very generously allowing me to post their pics…. sorting through them to share ASAP.

I promise to try to get you all caught up.


12 thoughts on “Tamarind Institute: where did week 9 and 10 go? and the rest??

  1. Victoria Cowan

    Funny . . .I was just wondering how you are and guessing that you’ve been swamped. Hope you have time for a good holiday break. Thanks for taking the time to post again. Best for the new year.

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Hi Victoria, Swamped is a good choice of words! Nothing quite compares to the intensity and focus, everyday… an unbelievable experience! Glad you are still following.
      My best to you and yours, Jill

  2. penelope

    Hi Jill.
    The rainbow roll looks wonderful mmmmmmm!!! I outlawed unicorns in my class when I was teaching?
    Jill can you send me your address and email I would like to forward somethings to you.

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      I fully understand Penelope, but if it’s the instructor’s work?! This is all Rodney Hammond’s doing, he’s obsessed.
      You can still use any of my old emails you mail have or this one: jillgraham.ink@gmail.com
      I look forward to hearing from you and congrats on “Jumelage”!
      Best, Jill

      1. penelope

        it is the my little pony look… on trend! My friend and artist Sarah Paul did some amazing work with My little pony. Not sure if it is on YouTube but if Rodney is obsessed then he would like this video.

  3. Sandi Ralph

    Hi Jill
    Good to hear from you, missed your wonderful chatter, I love the 5 colour rainbow roll.
    The unicorn rocks

    Cheers, Sandi


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