Tamarind Institute: week eight… and I’m not there!

I am actually in Ann Arbour this week, visiting my good friend and client, Endi Poskovic. I have been invited by the University of Michigan as the Roman Witt Visiting Artist in the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design.

University of Michigan Art Museum

“Orion”, Mark di Suvero, 2006, Painted steel

I arrived in Ann Arbor on Sunday after an exhausting all – nighter at Tamarind, finishing up a drawing and preparations for our first collaborative project. We are now at the stage of printing for each other to hone our collaborative skills. We had certain criteria for the image, making sure we gave our printer a good challenge both in the processing and printing stages. It felt very strange to produce a drawing in a single session that will be printed only in black, very unusual for me,  but it had to be done before I left Albuquerque. Kate Goyette, my former press partner is my printer for this project, while I will be printing for David Dominguez. He has promised to be done by the time I arrive back this Saturday evening. I know I will not be spared as his drawings are lovely and complex. Sorry I haven’t found a link to any of them to share with you.

Ann Arbor is very pretty this time of year and it’s a real treat to be back in a climate, only four-five hours from Toronto, that is a lot more brisk this time of year then New Mexico.

The fall colours are on full display.

I spent Monday morning presenting my own work and some of the projects I’ve worked on to Endi’s printmedia class. It was wonderful to share my prints with the students and receive feedback from Endi. After 4 years working together I don’t believe he’s really seen any prints of my own.

In this photo I was attempting to explain the technical aspects of registering this huge piece by Joscelyn Gardner.

I should mention that one of the prints from Joscelyn’s most recent series is being featured in the International Print Center New York’s “New Prints 2012/Autumn” show, on view from October 20 to November 17.

We moved into the studio where I gave a lithography demo that continued through to Wednesday.

After experimenting on his own this summer at the Frans Masreel print studio in Belgium, Endi is challenging me with tusche washes in this, his most recent piece. This is new in our repertoire of collaborative work and terrific timing given all of the testing I have been doing at Tamarind.

We made it through to proofing the stone and the image looks fantastic. Very exciting to think of the work Endi and I will continue together once I know where my feet will land in the New Year, after the Tamarind program is complete.

I think the students were really enthused to see the dynamics between Endi and I working together. They are well on their way towards beginning their  lithography projects, bringing new energy to the studio at U of M.

I was also guest of honour at a wonderful party held in Endi’s home Monday evening, although the true star of the show was without a doubt his extensive print collection. Not only does he have works stored in his studio/attic but the walls of his big 1800’s brick farm-house are quite literally plastered with prints. More important prints in one place then one can really imagine.

Students and a handful of faculty were in attendance and we were treated to a display of some exciting and unique pieces from his archives, including prints ranging from those of contemporary artists Kiki Smith and Michael Barns to well-preserved works by Goya, George Bellows, Kathe Kollwitz and many, many others – I should have been taking notes!

The students and I gathered around to view a very special Japanese Ukiyo-e accordion style book that seemed to have endless panels. It was lovely and precious and a rarity to be able to experience a historical piece like this in such an intimate setting. We all helped to flip the book work over as the other side was as equally ornate.

I shared some time with a few graduate students and Endi’s family, I visited the Art Museum and walked around Ann Arbor in what little free time I had. All in all it was a wonderful visit! Thanks again everyone for the hospitality, this was truly and excellent experience.


6 thoughts on “Tamarind Institute: week eight… and I’m not there!

  1. ghammer

    Sounds like you are in an amazing and very challenging program! Love your blog..nice to keep in touch this way. I am looking forward to seeing your work in person one day.

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Hi Gail,
      Happy to hear from you! Yes, the program is keeping me out of trouble to say the least.
      I hope you’ve been keeping up your Pilates with the gang?! I miss classes…
      All good things, Jill

  2. Geneviève

    Hi Jill!
    Sounds like you had a great and jam packed time in Ann Arbor! Thanks for sharing so many nice pictures!

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Hey Gen,
      It was fun to be away from here for a little while and terrific experience lecturing and giving graduate critiques. Always nice spending time with Endi too. His print collection was astounding… I’m still not over it!
      Best, Jill


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