Tamarind Institute: week four complete and week five is almost over.

Apologies for taking so long to post this, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Where did I leave off last time? Ahh yes, tusche wash tests… and here’s a glimpse:

Our days have been spent testing water PH and mixing little cups of washes.

They have been lined up all over the studio.

We’ve been meticulously applying them in rows of different dilutions, to both stone and plate.

Two more projects to tackle, two more editions to print. The challenge is holding on to the beautiful reticulation in these water washes, despite working with dilutions that may be both far too weak to successfully etch and far too greasy to control. We have all begun proofing so we will see how well we manage. More to come.

Outside of the studio I have been keeping up with yoga twice a week, so I am feeling good about that. My gym partner Jade and I are really enjoying the classes. The instructor is excellent at keeping the classes challenging and varied, despite teaching to a group of about 75-100 people in a small gym-type room. The class provides a time to focus on something outside of my lithography obsession, escaping to a familiar mental and physical challenge of another kind. The break in the evening refreshes me and keeps me level-headed. I’m thankful to have such a wonderful treat in my week.

I also treated myself to the movie Pina on campus last Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I had missed my chance to see it in the theater as it showed in Toronto this past spring,  but UNM shows both Hollywood and alternative movies every week for only $2 with a student ID, although not in 3-D. If you’ve seen the film as well let me know your favorite moments. I had so many! I was very moved by the sensitivity and humor of the choreography and would love to see it again.

Jade, Adrian and I also spent Saturday afternoon at the New Mexico State Fair. It was quite something!

I wish I had taken more photos now but I was very preoccupied with people watching, particularly in the massive food area. I’ve never really seen anything like it!

They were deep-frying EVERYTHING and it was all served on a stick. Yes, that does say deep-fried Twinkies, cheesecake, Pop Tarts, Fruity Pebbles, cookie dough and more!

I will reluctantly admit to sampling a deep-fried snickers bar, I can not tell a lie. The three of us braved sharing one out of pure curiosity. Not sure I’ll ever venture there again but I will say it was interesting, dare I say tasty?! Along with sweets there were various cuts of potatoes from regular straight fries to curly fries…

to mounds of ribbon fries.  I did not sample either of these but I was oh so tempted!

All offered with the “smothered” option, which is a healthy coating of cheese and the local staple of green chili sauce, it was  a meat lovers heaven. The offerings ranged from foot long corn dogs, to pulled pork sandwiches to massive barbecued turkey drumsticks that I can not quite comprehend how anyone could consume completely. It was both comical and, as a long time vegetarian, just a little nauseating to watch people maneuver eating these massive  Fred Flintstone like treats. Since Adrian did not make good on his threats to tackle a drumsticks there are no photos, thank goodness!

We opted instead to try the Navajo Taco, a delicious First Nations twist on the traditional taco.

We wandered through the fair grounds for hours and still did not see everything there was to see. There were prize-winning displays of honey, herbs, vegetables, fruits and other gardening delights along with barns full of livestock.

The display below really made me miss apple picking season in Ontario. The price of apples here is quite high compared to what I am accustomed to and I haven’t found any Macintosh apples yet, my favorite.

I’ll have to find a new variety to make my raw apple pie with because I finally got my Vitamix!!! They had a full display and demo and were offering terrific discounts at the fair, believe it or not.

It was the easiest sale the company rep ever made. He asked me if I was interested and started to give me his pitch and I simply pulled out my credit card. Done deal. So excited! I’ve been blending everything this week: lots of fruit smoothies for breakfast and a big batch of raw humus. I’m hoping to experiment a little  more over the weekend so I’ll let you know how that goes.

I must leave you here as I am sponging on the pro-side tomorrow bright and early. I will face those dreaded tusche washes later in the day; an assignment no doubt designed to cause us nightmares. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Tamarind Institute: week four complete and week five is almost over.

  1. Penelope Stewart

    Sounds lovely and intense …and sounds ikeyou have made some friends to share the experience …piña I love…it is currently the sound track in my studio (that is the sound track to the film on cd). There are so many moments…but I love the dance in the glass studio…just. Talking about it make me want to watch again. I found it so visceral .

    The fair looks wonderful..a little magic and surreal.

    All is good here. Just completed two works for shows in Australia. The. Show in Canberra opened on the 6 and the show in Tasmania ones next week on the 28.
    Maybe doing a project at Virginia Tech…in the winter. Just sent off the outline. We will see whether it is a go. Working on my printopolis artist pages and thinking about the Sydney portfolio … Good luck with your washes..keep the stories coming.


    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Sounds like you are as busy as ever Penelope, congrats! I did see an announcement for one of your shows. I’d love to see the work.
      Good luck with the Virginia Tech opportunity. All good things, Jill


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