Tamarind Institute: week three complete and on to week four.

I have no photos to share once again this week. I did have Sunday off but besides a half hour bike ride adventure to the closet Trader Joe’s for the first time to buy some groceries, not much exciting occurred. I am forced to take the weekends as they come so I am not always able to get out and explore as I’d like, particularly when there is laundry, shopping and cleaning to take care of at home. There was a bit of socializing, with some informal student get-togethers after long days of work both on Friday and Saturday. I am amazed that beer can be purchased at both the local grocery and drug stores up until about midnight, but only with official ID. Not only can one choose from a pretty impressive selection of both domestic and import beer but wine and spirits are sold as well, some at ridiculously low prices. I have noticed the cost of soda or juice is often higher. Not that I’m doing much drinking these days other then a beer or two here or there to be social. I mention this only as an observation.

The week began with my first and second edition reviews today and I am happy to report all went well. I will develop a better eye through this process but my notes and observations on my own work were not far off from Rodney’s evaluation, so I’ll take that as a good sign. I’ll have two more editions to turn in next Monday and those I am more concerned about. The projects are becoming more complex as I believe I may have mentioned and printing them also presents new challenges.

We are headed into the world of tusche washes later in the week. I am pretty excited because as any lithographer knows washes can be extremely challenging to work with. We will practice etching and printing and are guaranteed to have new confidence and a consistent way to achieve good results, can’t wait!

The biggest excitement of the week however may well be the opening of the New Mexico State Fair! I have an edition to print tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on timing with my press partner, so hopefully I’ll get there some time between Thursday and Sunday. It promises to be a cultural experience like no other! I’ve been told of the variety of Indian/First Nation jewelry, rugs, arts, crafts and performances; the pie and preserves contests; food stalls and livestock competitions; rides; midway and even a rodeo. The fair ground is too far to bike to but a bus will get me there easily enough. I promise I’ll take as many photos as I can so check back again soon.


4 thoughts on “Tamarind Institute: week three complete and on to week four.

  1. Astrid

    Hey Jill,
    I’m sure a nice cold beer, two or more, goes down nice after a long print day. Hope you have a great time at the fair. The Indian arts and crafts in New Mexico are amazing.

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      That’s what I’m saying! Glad you understand Astrid.
      Right now I am fixated on the arrangements of dried chillies hung as decoration but I know there’s going to be so much more to see at the fair.
      Cheers, Jill

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Hi Sara,
      Love Trader Joe’s! Two Buck Chuck is up to about three bucks these days and a bit difficult to ride home on my bike with as there are so many other goodies to stock up on. I will admit I’ve been sampling though… just a little.
      Cheers, Jill


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