Tamarind Institute: Day #1

I am sitting here quietly, alone, in the studios of the Tamarind Institute of Lithography. It’s been a busy day of introductions and getting acquainted with the facilities. It’s late and I’ve just finished graining my stone for the first project.



I have the keys and my very own alarm code so I’ll let myself out shortly but for now I am enjoying the moment. The beginning of what promises to be a very intense and challenging 9 months of working in lithography day in and day out.



I still can’t quite believe I am here.



2 thoughts on “Tamarind Institute: Day #1

  1. Jennifer Bhogal

    Hi Jill!
    Love reading your posts and seeing your pics. I’m so pleased that things have gone smoothly thus far. I imagine you feel like you’re at the top of the roller coaster, waiting for the drop…
    Can’t wait to hear more. Hope it’s been a good day.

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Hi Jennifer,
      So glad you’re enjoying being along on my adventure! I truly appreciate the company. It does feel fantastic right now, I won’t lie, but it’s also quite overwhelming. We already have assignments due and the work seems to be getting piled on to us in heaps and it’s only day #2!
      Hope your holidays are going well. I’m going to miss heading back to work this September with the OS staff.
      All the best, Jill


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