Sandia Peak

Forgive me. I am a little behind. I enjoy writing most at the end of my day so living without internet access at home is proving a little challenging when it comes to these posts. Classes start today (Monday, August 20) so I will be at Tamarind more often and will have keys to come and go more freely. I hope this will make for easier blogging.

Friday was a terrific day spent high atop Sandia Peak. The tram ride is like nothing I’ve experienced before; it moves so quickly and climbs to such a dizzying height, it was just amazing.

The views were spectacular as I had suspected and the hiking was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Not to mention the excellent company as I joined a group of 38 other international students and the two my new classmates I’ve met thus far, for the trip.

I’ve noticed when walking by pine trees in town they smell quite pungent, almost as though they are baking in the heat of the sun. The cooler climate at the top, as we marched along the rocky trails, brought back the forest smells of pines and fir I am more familiar with- mellower. Going up Sandia Mountain we actually passed through 4 different life zones or biomes so the uppermost could have been more typically Canadian until the flat rugged landscape below the mountain came into view and reminded me of where I was.

The rainstorm you can see off in the distance never quite made it our way before we caught the tram back down the mountain where our bus was waiting to take us back to campus in time the “Friday Night Live” event at the student union building. This was basically a night of free food consisting of bean filled quesadillas, deep fried mystery meat filled rolls and chicken wings and an open call to join the sorority, fraternity or club of your choice. The music was loud and the energy was high despite the campus being completely dry! Seriously, no alcohol permitted. I was quickly reminded of how old I am! The Tamarind crew opted to cross the street for a pint or two and some decent tacos… discounted of course with the flash of our UNM student cards.

It wasn’t a late night, we were all tired out from our day of hiking. I spent a lovely weekend biking, reading and cleaning. Just quiet and on my own, preparing for what lies ahead this week.


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