Over the past couple of days I’ve been doing some more exploring, both in my neighbourhood and a little further out.

I found the  La Montañita food co-op, became a member and finally did some groceries. It’s a terrific store and much closer to my apartment then I thought- very convenient. Some items are a bit pricey but it has everything healthy and organic I could ever want or need. Sorry, I took these pics with my phone so the quality isn’t great. I really miss my iPhone!

Time to get that Vitamix I’ve long desired and break out my new raw food cook book. Thanks again for that Daryl! Still hoping to go completely raw. It’s a work in progress.

As I have been promising, here’s a glimpse of some typical houses around my neighbourhood:

I’ve actually seen a lot of Chihuahuas around town, no joke…

Love the landscaping.

Here are a few houses in a MUCH more affluent neighbourhood:

I was out on my new bike looking to get on the trail that runs along the Rio Grande river. Albuquerque is not exactly the most bike friendly town but the people are certainly friendly! I crossed paths with an older lady zipping along and she asked me if I needed some help. I was checking my map at the time. She was covered in gorgeous tattoos, her head was shaved almost bald under her helmet from what  I could see, and she had on army camouflage cargo shorts. My kinda gal or “kindred spirits” as she called us. She offered to show me around so we toured through the neighbourhood where I took the photos above, before she accompanied me to the trail I was looking for and left me to ride. Thanks Georgia! I hope we cross paths again.

The Rio Grande… not so grande! Don’t know what I was expecting but this river apparently fills with fast moving water very quickly and quite randomly. Everything is really dry right now though.

I rode for about three and half hours: from home, touring with Georgia for a bit, along the trail, and back again. I don’t generally pay attention to distance but it must have been about 20 miles or so/31 km. Loved it! I will go in the other direction next time. You can ride the entire circumference of the city and into the foothills. Need to build up some more endurance for that! Especially because it’s uphill on the way home. Killer.

All equipped though. This is my new ride- a second hand Canadian made bike, believe it or not. The guys at the Bike Co-op got a kick out of selling it to me.  I bought a camel pack as well, water is ESSENTIAL! I’m definitely getting in my 8 + cups a day. It’s so hot and dry here I am constantly thirsty. Nothing like the uncomfortable humidity we experience at home in Toronto. It gets up to 20% here and everyone talks about it! Walking or riding you can feel the heat rise from the pavement and surround you. Although relief can be found in the shade, unlike the hot humid summer days in TO.

I am taking my first UNM field trip to the 10,378 foot Sandia Peak in the Cibola National Forest tomorrow. We will ride the tramway, an engineering marvel dating back to 1966, and hike the mountain trails until sunset. It promises to be breathtaking although I am a little concerned it may rain. I say “a little” because rain here -in my very limited experience of only one week, 2 days- seems to come quickly and last for only about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes with the sun still shining! I’ll be sure to share some photos of the experience. Both of the new class mates I have met so far, David from Mexico and Adrian from Australia (and Adrian’s wife but I’ve forgotten her name), have signed up for the trip as well. Looking forward to it.

Couldn’t resist this shot of a mountain of another kind I spotted in a distant field as I rode along. My eyes were peeled as Georgia warned me of roadrunners that will fly right in front of your face! Not sure I’d know one to see one (I’ve added the link to inform us all) but what with the rattle snakes and scorpions, let’s just say I was looking out. It felt fantastic to be on my bike and moving around, getting some exercise. I will definitely make this a part of my weekend or evening routine, depending of course on how much free time I have once the work load at Tamarind kicks in.

And so the trail ends.


2 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. Penelope Stewart

    Hi Jill,
    This sounds so great. I am so pleased that you have created this journal so we can vicariously be with you. The architecture looks so interesting. I think I am Getting really into the split level …bungalow etc.

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Hi Penelope,

      So glad you are enjoying meeting up here! It’s terrific getting your comments. I’m really enjoying sharing my experience, so it’s nice to have your company.
      The architecture is very interesting and seems to vary by area, to a degree. The pueblo or adobe style being the most prominent influence in both private and public buildings. I’ve observed most homes are single level, with the exception of those in the wealthier areas as I’ve given you a glimpse of. Nothing is very tall here, there are no sky scrapers to be seen!
      Cheers, Jill


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