Day #6

This is my new place. Quite cute and small. Nothing fancy. I am on the top floor at the back. That garage type building.

I like it well enough and I am about 5 minutes from Tamarind so it’s perfect in my eyes. No excuses for being late! Okay, everyone can stop laughing now.

I have spent the last couple of days cleaning, settling in and figuring out where things are both in town and on campus. There was a required international student orientation at UNM this past Friday and I met two of my class mates. David from Mexico and Adrian from Australia. I suppose the rest of the group will arrive this week at some point. Classes begin on Monday August 20th at Tamarind.

I owe you more photos as promised. I’ve been taking some here and there but I’ve only just figured out my phone situation and have had to let go of my beloved iPhone I’m afraid. It would have been too complicated and expensive without a contract and since I may only be here for 9 months it didn’t make sense to lock into anything. I had to settle for an Android on a month to month plan and I am still getting used to it.

I have also decided to live without internet at home, for now anyway. I have free access at UNM and Tamarind- living the student life!

I’ve bought a terrific bike already and got some great advice on trails outside of the city from the very helpful guys at The Bike Coop. Can’t wait to hit the trails along the Rio Grande and into the foothills. More to come on that.

My mission for tomorrow is to find the food coop the very generous staff and artists from Open Studio have set me up with gift cards for. It’s all so new and Albuquerque is definitely a city built around the car. I have met some very kind people who have helped me in my first few days, driving to get a mattress and the basics. I have free access to the bus service as a UNM student though so it’s manageable and just for me to get used to. The bike will also prove very useful as the city is a bit edgy and I am constantly being warned not to venture into certain areas or to be out alone at night. All so new.


4 thoughts on “Day #6

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Hey Laine! Yup, apartment is terrific. I’m loving it. 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 small bookcase, 1 futon to sleep on. It’s amazing what you can live without! Hope all is well with you, Jill

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Hi Penelope. Absolutely! I really lucked out finding my spot so early. It has allowed me some peace of mind and better yet, some time to explore. More details in next post. Happy to hear from you! Jill


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