Final Days

These are my final few days in Toronto… could the weather be any hotter?! No complaints from me, I just view it as preparation for my move to the desert and wish I had more time to be outside enjoying it. Instead I have spent most of this week cleaning, sorting and packing. I’ve had to find space for all of my supplies removed from Open Studio.


Artist storage at Open Studio. Not all mine! You can make out my name on the drawer just  above though.

I’ve also been saying some tough goodbyes.

My plans have shifted somewhat. I was initially going to drive to New Mexico and was very much looking forward to the road trip with my partner, but it’s simply not to be. My flight will put me in Albuquerque just after noon this Tuesday August 7th.

Packing up my litho crayons and tusche… headed south.


2 thoughts on “Final Days

    1. jillgrahamink

      Yes, we are hoping to squeeze in some sight seeing in the area at some point. I don’t want to miss out on seeing as much as I can of the area. Perhaps a return drive will be possible.
      Hope all is going well in Haliburton.
      Nice to hear from you! Jill


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