What a Party! Oh my…

Sorry it’s taken me a bit but I’ve managed to track down a few photos from my big party last Friday.

What a night! I won’t name names but there are a few only now recovering from the after party- madness I tell you. No photos to share of that. None. I swear. Ok. I’ll admit that there are photos, but no one needs to see that!

What I would like to share with you are some special moments with a pretty special group of people:

ImageHungry well wishers and good food, as always.

ImageImageImageSo nice to have the support of so many wonderful people!

ImageImageImageImageHate having my picture taken! Starting to get self conscious…. thanks Sara, you just kept on snapping them! Only problem is you aren’t in any of them.

ImageThere was a speech given by Jennifer Bhogal, Open Studio Executive Director and I was presented with a card filled with lovely messages, many from those who could not attend.

ImageThere was lots of laughter.

ImageI did have a difficult time holding back my emotions though. I’m not good being the center of attention so it was a little overwhelming when Heather Webb, former Open Studio Executive Director, spoke as well. She and I share ten years of hard work together! It was lovely of her to come and offer such complimentary remarks. (What about that show title on the wall?! Kind of  prophetic.)

My dear friend and my longest standing client in lithography, Joscelyn Gardner, also spoke about how we embarked on our first project together back in 2007, when we produced 7 editions of her work in stone lithography in just over 4 weeks, and how we have worked through the good and bad times at the press over the past 5 years. Our work together culminated in an exhibition of her seriesCreole Portraits III: “bringing down the flowers” and corresponding publication, Bleeding and Breeding this past January. I am so proud of the recognition her work has been receiving recently- well deserved! 

ImageLast but certainly not least was Jenn Law, Vice-Chair of the Open Studio Board of Directors, who gave a very well written, thoughtful and complimentary speech (I still want my copy Jenn!). Her words really meant a lot to me. Jenn and I have had discussions about the notion of “mastery” and what it is to to pursue this in one’s field. She also interviewed me for the wonderful section she wrote in Joscelyn’s catalogue Bleeding and Breeding. Let me know your thoughts when you read it.

ImageI feel very special to have been so spoiled not only with gifts but with the support of such a wonderful group of people.

It was me chasing my dreams that brought me to Toronto and to Open Studio to begin with and here I go again – I feel extremely fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to continue to chase my dreams.

Thank you, thank you, a HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart.

ImageThe party continued into the wee hours… you know it’s all down hill after the arm wrestling begins!


1 thought on “What a Party! Oh my…

  1. Jennifer Bhogal

    It was a great party, indeed! (I got home after 3 am!) With only 3 days left with Jill here at Open Studio, we are all feeling very sad… But equally excited to hear about all her new adventures ahead.

    Look out, New Mexico! And take care of her for us…

    Jennifer Bhogal


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