They’ve named it the ‘Jill’s “desert”-ing us party’!

Tonight is the night! Open Studio is throwing me a going away party. I know everyone has gone to a lot of effort on my behalf and I really do appreciate it.

Feels like my days in Toronto are numbered now. Only 3 weeks of work left. Just over a month before I hit the road for Albuquerque. Should I start a countdown?!

Tonight will be a good laugh. I look forward to seeing those that can make it and saying my farewells. I’ve received some truly heart warming messages from those who can’t attend and will be sure to raise a glass to them.

No promises but some photos of the madness may follow…

Will I see you later???


2 thoughts on “They’ve named it the ‘Jill’s “desert”-ing us party’!

  1. Victoria Cowan

    Jill: it was heartwarming to see everyone celebrating your time at Open Studio and the recognition you have received from Tamarind. You’ll be much missed. I look forward to staying in touch. Big hugs,

    1. jillgrahamink Post author

      Thanks Victoria! I was deeply moved being surrounded by so many wonderful people supporting me and wishing me well as I live out my dream. Couldn’t choke the tears back! I’m a softy.
      I simply had the best night. So glad you could be there to share it with me.
      Keep in touch! Jill


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