My big screen debut

I almost forgot to let you know about my recent big screen debut! I was interviewed by the very talented  Kevin Fraser for his documentary film Analogue, featured in the 2012 DOC NOW media festival. Kevin is graduating from Ryerson’s University’s Documentary Media Master of Fine Arts program.  I am one of 4 other subjects- doing my thing in lithography. Here’s a description:

Analogue explores the resurgence of old-school, outdated, or historical processes in the digital age. The digital world promises speed, economy, and convenience — everything available at our fingertips on our computers. But as the convergence trend accelerates, many are starting to question the costs of this shift to digital, non-physical forms. By following several artists working in different media, Analogue uncovers what we might be losing. From luthiers handcrafting guitars, filmmakers hand-processing film, to a legendary record producer refusing to use computers in making a record, these artists are holding on to the old methods for qualities, processes, and experiences that are vanishing or leading precarious lives in the world of computers. Analogue explores what makes each medium unique, how physicality connects us to our world, why old forms might survive longer than their digital counterparts, and why the price we pay for the speed, convenience, and perfection of digital may be too high.

I must say I am super happy with the end results despite major nerves being filmed! Very pleased to have been a part of this. (Thanks again Kevin!)

I went to the first screening on May 28th at the TIFF Bell Lightbox but there is another chance to see even more of the films produced by this year’s graduating class on June 8th at 6pm, at the  School of Image Arts, Ryerson University, IMA 304, 122 Bond Street, Toronto. It’s free (first come first serve I believe) and you can find all of the information here:

I am hoping to get a clip from Kevin- if I do and it’s ok with him I’ll be sure to post it.

If you get a chance to see it I’d love to know what you think of the film. Be sure to let me know.


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