Article of interest

I was sent this link to an article about one of the artists I have been printing for over the past 3 years- Endi Poskovic. Endi was a 2011 Guggenheim fellow. The interview was published in the June 2012 Guggenheim Foundation Newsletter. Our collaboration at Open Studio is mentioned- click here to read and here for images of me working.

This is the first major article the Foundation has ever devoted to an artist working in printmedia and the first time that Open Studio is mentioned in the Foundation’s 90 year history.

Let me know your thoughts! Cheers, Jill

(Just a little note- The article and photo captions refer to me as a Tamarind trained Master Printer although I am not. I have not started the program  yet but within the print community in Toronto I have been called a Master Printer for a few years now by the artists I  print for. No offense intended by this title given me, it is not my doing. I have the utmost respect for the Tamarind Institute and have long awaited the opportunity to study there and hopefully attain full status as a Master Printer should I be deserving of the title.)


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